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Activities at Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart VolunteersWild At Heart is a strong proponent of education. Our non-releasable educational raptors are taken to schools and other events to raise awareness of the importance of migratory birds and wildlife in the ecology of our state.

The programs are nonpolitical in nature and encourage understanding, respect and compassion for wildlife and the environment.

Wild At Heart continues to offer innovative opportunities for community involvement especially designed for Special-Needs Students and for Junior Volunteers (youth under the age of eighteen).

Junior Volunteers help at the Wild At Heart Center, and also participate with adults on Burrowing Owl Projects statewide.

These activities help build leadership skills, job skills, self-esteem and confidence, all while learning the importance of preserving our wildlife heritage and the value of being involved in their community.

Peoria “Hoot” Movie Event – Pre-release Filming
Photoclip from the “Hoot” DVD
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Wild At Heart VolunteersWild At Heart and community volunteers erecting one of the mesh temporary holding tents for a new burrowing owl colony. This particular tent covers eight individual burrows, and eight owls will be placed in each tent. For one month, community volunteers will carefully monitor the new site, along with giving plenty of food and water to the owls.

After 30 days all of the tents will be removed, and the owls are free to choose among the many burrows constructed on the site. Upon adulthood, any future offspring will also be able to choose their own home from the unused burrows.

Community Service Opportunities

Wild At Heart VolunteersAt our Cave Creek facility, Wild At Heart provides corporate team-building along with community service oppormedal_smalltunities for companies, organizations, scout troops, schools, ROTC cadets, and many others.

Informal, instructive, close-up encounters with Wild At Heart raptors are given during these events.

Over 100 Individual Eagle Scout Candidates have earned their Eagle Scout Award by completing significant construction projects at Wild At Heart.

For information on how you can become involved, contact Sam Fox.