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AZ Trail: 14 March 2015

Greater Short-horned Lizard


One of the trademark residents of the Arizona landscape is a horned lizard.  There are actually six (6) different species of horned lizards found within the state.  Commonly — but mistakenly — known as the “horny toad”, this is a reptile with dry scaly skin […]

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Friday Feathered Fact (06 Mar 2015)

Friday Feathered Fact
Great Horned Owls are nesting! These are some of the earliest nesters, laying eggs in January and February. Our first egg rescue was mid-February with the chicks hatching this Mar 02. Owls never build their own nests or even add material to it. Instead, they confiscate nests of other large birds or, simply […]

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Friday Feathered Fact (13 Feb 2015)

Owls have excellent vision. But, do they have four eyes? The two species of pygmy-owls found in the US have a unique adaptation. The back of the head shows two large eye-shaped patterns believed to offer it protection from larger predators that may approach from behind. These small owls are daytime hunters, specializing on other […]

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Friday Feathered Fact (06 February 2015)

When most of us see an owl in the wild, we are often impressed at how big it appears. As an example, the Great Horned Owl is the largest owl in Arizona and stands over a foot and a half tall. However, what is not widely known is how little most of Arizona’s owls really […]

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Friday Feathered Fact (30 January 2015)

Contrary to popular thoughts, most owl species don’t simply “hoot”, if at all.  Burrowing Owls have many types of vocalizations used in different situations.  Some are for advertising their territory, sounding an alarm or, announcing a warning.  The warning call is an awesome imitation of a rattlesnake’s “buzzzz”, which shares burrows with these owls.  A […]

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