Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Falcons, Vultures

Facility 07Wild At Heart operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We recognize that injuries and mishaps can happen on any day and at any time for these birds.  It is our mission to be available in person when the birds need assistance.

The Wild At Heart organization is coordinated and managed by a core group of remarkably dedicated and energetic individuals.  Our facilities include 54 outdoor aviaries, and an on-site, indoor critical-care room for any raptors needing short-term, or ongoing medical treatment.  Although we do not take in non-raptors such as quail, songbirds, ducks, rabbits, or other critters, we can refer you to other rehabbers who specialize in these species.

We are a rehab center for injured raptors and not open to the general public except under special arrangements.  Education presentations and tours can be scheduled with at least 1-2 weeks’ notice outside of the busy May/June baby-bird season. Although our non-profit is not allowed to charge for admittance, we do recommend making a generous donation to show your appreciation and to help support our $450-per-day food bill for the 800+ birds we rescue each year.

Facility 09Wild At Heart Facilities

A complete remodeling and redesign of our indoor-outdoor dormitory will allow not only additional space but an easy-to-modify configuration.  This will assist with the ever changing mixture of species and their varying needs of flight space.

Over the last five years, Wild At Heart has been growing annually with the number of birds taken in and, expanding of the aviaries needed to house them.  We have added and enlarged three aviaries to accommodate this growth.  We have also rebuilt and improved upon no less than  10 aviaries.

In 2009, WAH completed five medium-sized interconnecting flight aviaries for the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-owls and is in the finishing stages of completing nine breeding aviaries for these tiny owls.

In 2008, WAH completed five large, interconnecting, multi-purpose flight pens. These flight aviaries are specially designed for flight conditioning prior to releasing larger raptors such as hawks and owls, and to help prevent feather damage and other injuries to these powerful birds.

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