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Our Mission:  Wild At Heart is a rescue, rehabilitation and release center for birds of prey.  Its primary purpose is to rescue injured owls, hawks, falcons and eagles; rehabilitate them; and, ultimately, release them back into the wild.  Its guiding mission is to do what is in the best interest of these magnificent birds.

Wild At Heart is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We, and our birds, are volunteer and donation supported.

At Wild At Heart we do all the following:

  • Rescue, rehabilitate, and release birds of prey which have been injured or orphaned.
  • Relocate displaced burrowing owls.
  • Manage species recovery programs.
  • Manage habitat enhancement projects.
  • Provide educational presentations.

The Wild At Heart Salute to our Veterinarians!

Burrowing owl wrapped in a towel

Thank you to our Veterinarians

WAH wishes to sincerely thank some amazing veterinary professionals in the greater Phoenix area who generously provide their time and talents to the care of Wild At Heart’s critically injured raptors. Without their knowledge and dedication Wild At Heart would not be able to give severely injured birds of prey the best chance of survival and release back to the Wild… read more


We are here to provide expert advice and assistance. We can even send a volunteer to pick up the injured bird for quick delivery to our clinic.

nature educationEDUCATION PROGRAMS

A focus is to educate the community on wildlife conservation and preservation.  Educational raptors are taken to schools and other events to raise awareness of the importance of our wildlife.

get involvedGET INVOLVED

Become one of our many volunteers or, donate to help support these birds. Wild At Heart is an all-volunteer and donation supported, non-profit organization.

Upcoming Events

Raptors Needing Care Continue to Increase

Bob Fox, the Director at Wild At Heart, is holding a Burrowing Owl. This raptor arrived at Wild At Heart's care this past week from Casa Grande. It is the 697th bird to be received this year, a 12% increase over last year (and last year was up over the previous year). Suffering from minor head trauma (likely struck by a car), this Burrowing Owl was found struggling and was taken to an animal shelter in Casa Grande, and subsequently made its way to WAH. It is doing well, and is expected to make a full recovery. It will spend a few months getting to know other burrowing owls in one of the outdoor aviaries at Wild At Heart and then join a release group in a tent over one of the MANY new artificial burrow habitats built this fall by Greg Clark and volunteers in either South Phoenix or Maricopa. This year several hundred volunteers from Wild At Heart, AZ Audubon, Estrella Mountain Community College, Sierra Club, The Boy Scouts in Gilbert, Freeport McMoran Employees in Safford, ASU Conservation and Nursing students and staff, NAU Faculty and Staff, Univ of Az Students, The City of Phoenix, Maricopa Agricultural Center, and many, many, other individual volunteers and groups have contributed to building new habitat and release tents to support our rehabilitation and relocation program for Burrowing Owls. Wild At Heart really, really, appreciates the help we have received for this program in 2015! Please feel free to forward a link to this Post to your friends and family. With the increase in the number of birds coming in and all the exciting things happening and planned at WAH, please visit other parts of this website,  www.wildatheartraptors.org, for further information to get on the e-mail list, become a volunteer and/or to make a donation. We can use ALL the friends we can muster. All the best for the holiday season.

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